Church Leadership

T he duty of ruling elders as members of Kirk Session is to work together with the minister in the oversight and government of the congregation, for the upbuilding of God’s people in spiritual fruitfulness and holy concord, and for the extension of Christ’s kingdom among all people.

Areas of responsibility...
  • Watch over and promote the spiritual interest of the congregation, and of persons not connected with any congregation who are within its bounds.
  • Seek to further the contribution of the Church to Christian witness and service in the local community.
  • Be spiritual leaders, strengthening and nurturing the faith and life of the congregation committed to their charge.

A God-Given Mandate

The call to serve as elder is a call to serve the spiritual needs of God’s people. It’s a call to build up the body of Christ, which means ensuring that the members of the body have the opportunity to be engaged in the type of ministry and mission that will help them achieve spiritual maturity.

What we believe


Rev. Gary TruemanMinister


Alan RobinsonClerk of Session

Eric Andrews

Gary McNally

Irvine Abraham

Michael Masters

Simon Cole

Gavin McDonald

Colin Heaney

Pastoral Assistant

Lena Morrow

Serving God by serving each other and our community.